The Board has ultimate responsibility for the strategic direction of Airwork Group and for supervising Airwork Group's Management for the benefit of shareholders.

The specific responsibilities of the Board include:

  • working with management to set the strategic direction of Airwork Group
  • monitoring and working with management to direct the business and the financial performance of Airwork Group
  • monitoring compliance and risk management
  • establishing and monitoring Airwork Group's health and safety policies
  • establishing and overseeing succession planning for senior management
  • ensuring effective disclosure policies and procedures are adopted

The Board currently plans to meet not less than six times during the financial year.  This includes sessions to consider Airwork Group's strategic direction and business plans.  Video and/or phone conferences are used as required.

For more information on the Airwork Corporate Governance Code - please download 

For more information on the Airwork Securities Trading Policy - please download

Board Committees

Because of the Company's size, the Board will act as the Nominations and Remuneration Committee contemplated by the Listing Rules.

The Audit Committee will comprise all of the directors and will be chaired by an Independent Director other than the Chairman of the Board.