Airwork has developed a range of modification packages and STCs.

Please see below menu for list of MOD's and STC's. In addition, our unique combination of design and manufacturing skills and facilities means that we are able to tailor new design solutions to suit your needs.


850 Engine Upgrade

Airwork holds the only STC for the BK117-850D2. The BK117-850D2 offers an economical way to meet the new Category A requirements while dramatically enhancing the performance, safety and capabilities of the helicopter. The BK117-850D2 has been designed with a focus on operational safety and superior Category A compliance with proven reliability and increased performance

Particle Separator (Sand Filter)

The Particle separator system has three dimessionally curved panels that not only provide an aesthetically pleasing shape, but also provide an aerodynamic low drag profile that reduces the overall drag of the helicopter in forward flight. 

9 Place Seating

Providing lightweight seating in the cabin, with three individual folding seats which can be installed in the Aft facing, Left hand side or Right hand side configurations or any combination of the three. The seat assembly can be readily installed without the need for speciailty tooling.

Cargo Hook and Mirror

With a carrying capacilty of up to 1200kg, the cargo hook kit utilises the on-board systems cargo hook with the option of either hydraulic or manual release.

Cargo Hook Load Cell

This modification installs a modified On-board systems E-69 electronic load cell to the cargo Hook and associated gauge into the pilot compartment of the rotorcraft, providing a means ot view actual payloads transported during cargo hook lifting operations.

Floor Protector

This modification incorporated the installation of forward, centre and aft cabin floor protectors over the existing cabin floor AFT of STA 3176.

Rear Cargo Frame

This modification installs a rear cargo frame and webbing to the rear compartment of the rotorcraft to assist with positioning of the cargo and to prevent damage to the rear cargo door

Stretcher Kit

This modification installs attachment fittings for a Stryker M-1 Stretcher including a ramp to air in the installation and removal of the stretcher.

Rescue Hoist

A 600lb Breeze Eastern winch is fitted to a removable hoist arm located on the left hand side of the aircraft. The Airwork designed and manufactured hoist is mounted on a rotating boom that may be moved between the stowed and extended positions by an actuator controlled by the hoist operator. Pilot control option is also available.

Fuel Filler Neck Plate Assembly Kit

The Fuel Filler Neck Plate Assembly Kit is to provide a bearing surface for the fuel filler cap when the fuel filler neck is worn beyond limits.  

Key benefits include,

  • Eextended life of the fuel filler neck
  • Significant reduction in maintenance and repair costs
  • Minimal down time with quick install tiem
  • Protects against wear of the fuel cap locking points


Dual Hook

This product is still in a design stage so any expressions of interest please contact Airwork.

The preliminary design of the Dual Hook has a primary hook capacity of 2600lb (1180kg) and a secondary hook capacity of 1870lb (850kg) combined with the BK117 850 D2’s outstanding Cat A / OEI performance, you can now do more, with less.

Key features may include,

• Simple, low weight design (less than 15kg in addition to OEM single hook system) 
• Primary hook rating of 2600lb (1180kg)
• Secondary / HEC hook rating of 1870lb (850kg)
• LH and RH mirrors
• Load cell optional
• Protective cage for hooks
• Electrical (primary) and hydraulic release for both hooks.
• Simple in operation installation and removal
• No belly band requirement
• No performance penalty in flight

BK117 Glass Cockpit

BK117-850D2 Glass Cockpit - Download fact sheet here

  • Genesys IDU 450 (4"x 5") Smart Screens
    Configured as Primary Flight Display / Multi-Function Display (each pilot) self contained flight management system.
  • L3 Trilogy Standby Instrument
    Combines attitude, alititude, airpseed, slip/skid and optional heading data in a single digital display
  • Dual Torque Indicator
    INSCO Solid State critical engine instument.Signnificantly more reliable than previous electro-mechanical versions. Meets TSO C47
  • N1 Indicator
    INSCO Solid State critucal engine instument.Significantly more reliable than previous electromechanical versions. Meets TSO C47
  • Turbine Outlet Temperature Indicator
    INSCO Solid State critical engine instrument. Signicifantly more reliable than previous electro-mechanical versions. Meets TSO C47



AS350 / AS355

Dual Front Seat

This modification introduces the installation of a two place front seat to increase the passenger load, where the seat is installed in lieu of the co-pilots seat. The mounting plate allows for a swift configuration change from co-pilot to dual front seat

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Pilot Seat Shift Kit

The pilot seat shift kit allows for a shift of the pilot seat 90mm out board from the standard position, affording superior visibility when undertaking cargo hook or long lining missions. the collective and pedal extension re-centralise the seating position for best ergonomics.

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Rescue Hoist

A 300lb or 450lb winch is fitted to a removable hoist arm located on the left hand side of the aircraft. The airwork designed and manufactured hoist is mounted on a rotating boom that may be moved between the stowed and extended positions by an actuator controlled by the hoist operator. Pilot control option is also available.


External Cargo Hook Mirror

The modification installs an external mirror or mirrors to the right hand forward side of the rotorcraft to enable the pilot to view operations through the forward right hand lower window which provides visual reference for the pilot for external loads.

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Part 27 Cockpit Upgrade  

Advanced Safety and Reliabiltiy Solution. Key capabilties of the system include;

  • Bendix King KMA 30 Audio Panel
  • Bendix King KSN 765 Safety Navigator
  • Bendix King KT74 Mode S Transponder
  • Soloy AS350 Super D2 Electronic Engine Monitoring System
  • L3 ESI 500 - Multi-Function Display

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Other Helicopter MODs

Airwork has also devleoped a range of modification packages for the following aircraft types;

  • EC135
  • EC130
  • EC120
  • Bell Series

Products include

  • EC130 Snow Shoes
  • EC130 Stretcher Mounts
  • EC120 Frost Lights
  • Medivac Equipment
  • Nightsun Mounts
  • Police Airborne Support Equipment
  • Rescue Hoist Systems
  • AS350 Collective Switch Box
  • Infra Red Systems
  • Seating configurations

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